Innovation Center "Skolkovo" is called an analogue of American "Silicon Valley."Its main objectives are the development and commercialization of new technologies.Due to the fact that on the territory of the center will operate special economic conditions, it becomes very attractive for business.According to the organizers of the project "Skolkovo" will be conducted for the development in priority areas of modernizing the Russian economy.
basic scientific and technological research will be conducted in five clusters, responsible for the development of five major areas of innovation.Namely: a cluster of information and computer technology;spac
e technologies and telecommunications;Biomedical Technologies;nuclear technology;energy-efficient technologies.
Each cluster consists of dozens of companies, it is the largest center of information and computer technologies.It develops cutting-edge software for a wide variety of fields of activity, conducting research in the field of storage, protection and transmission.
Cluster of space technologies developed many promising projects.This space communications and navigation, space tourism, the production of new materials, new cosmodrome, launch vehicles and manned spacecraft, onboard equipment, and more.
The objectives of the cluster of biomedical technologies include the development of such areas as bioinformatics, clinical medicine and health care, industrial biotechnology, biomedical and biological sciences.
The companies in the cluster of nuclear technologies, will work in five main areas: radiation technology, including radiation therapy and magnetic therapy, laser technology for medicine.Technologies of creation of materials with new properties, mechanical engineering, instrumentation and new microelectronics technology design, engineering, modeling and engineering of complex technological objects and systems, technology of nuclear science.
cluster of energy-efficient technologies will work in two main areas - energy production and consumption.In the field of energy production will be carried out research on how to reduce the cost of production, the introduction of new advanced technologies.The main task in the field of energy consumption is reduced to finding ways to cost expenditure through the use of energy-efficient technologies.