Darwinism - a doctrine based on the basic ideas of evolution, shaped by Charles Darwin, as well as their modern handling rethinking some aspects presented in the synthetic theory of evolution.Evolutionary theory of other authors (if they are not followers of Darwin and do not develop his ideas) are not Darwinism.

Home Darwinism put even the great scientist Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life", in which, and outlined his views on the formation of new species.However, the scientist was concerned about the apparent gaps in his theory.To confirm the theory of evolution did not have transitional forms.It was also unclear why the useful features are not lost when crossed with "unchanged" individual
s.The answer came after the publication of Mendel's work, which were discovered the laws of heredity.

Synthetic Theory was formed on the basis of Darwin's discoveries about the genetics and information obtained in the XX century.As a result, the original theory has a solid foundation, based on current knowledge, and began to look more convincing.

According to Darwinism, the main driving forces of evolution are heredity and variability.Under the volatility refers to a variety of mutations that inevitably arise in populations.Due to the natural selection of individuals who have acquired new and useful features, they passed them on to their descendants inherited mutations same harm to mind culled.Vast populations evolved gradually, and for the small species was characterized by a sharp discontinuity and variability due to the small number of individuals.The most important role in the evolution and played predadaptivnye mutation.This is a potentially positive changes that have been accumulating in the population and the sudden change in the environment allow mind to survive.

There are other evolutionary theories.For example, proponents of autogenesis assumed that the changes are due to the kind of inner urge individuals to self-improvement.External factors thus have no effect.Lamarckism states that new signs appeared in populations due to regular exercise, individuals and the transfer of the results of these exercises in succession.These hypotheses are evolutionary, though, do not have nothing to do with Darwinism.