Prepare your skin for the test in advance.To do this, remove the special means of applying makeup.If only the skin is applied cream or other cosmetic products, they also be cleaned.
Wash with plain water at room temperature.After that, the skin needs time to restore its natural fat film.Wait about two hours before you start to perform the test on fat .If you clearly implemented the recommendations of the item and wait a specified amount of time, your skin is completely ready for the test.
Take a sheet of papyrus paper or thin cloth.The density of the material you choose should allow cutaneous fat soak (if the skin is not dry).
Apply with a light touch of cloth or paper on th
e forehead, nose and chin.This area is called the facial T-zone.Touching the surface of the skin, wait a few seconds.
Press the chosen material to the right and left cheeks, lightly swipe at him.Hold for a few seconds.This time is necessary to ensure that the existing sebum time to soak into the surface of the cloth.So you had to touch the five zones on your face.
Inspect cloth or paper.If the material was very dry and it can not see any stains of a possible five, it means that you are the owner of a dry skin type.In that case, when the napkin were not all spots or they are viewed poorly, it may indicate that you have a normal or combination skin.
And finally, if the paper were all five spots, and they are quite clearly visible, it means that you have coped with testing and were able to determine that you have oily skin on the face.
fat content of the skin, you can also determine if a good look at it.Everything is very simple.This type of skin gloss says on the chin, nose and forehead, as well as its tendency to frequent eruptions.It should be noted that this is probably the only type of leather, which is due to its ability to maintain elasticity, extends the young women.