In that case, if the body known indicators such as its volume (V) and density (p), the calculation of body weight required to use the formula: m = p* V.
For clarity, we can give you an example.Required to find weight of the concrete slab, whose capacity is 15 m³.
Solution: To find the weight of the concrete slab needs to know only his density .To find out this information, you need to use the table of densities of different substances.
According to this table concrete density of 2300 kg / m³.Then, in order to find weight of the concrete slab, need to make a simple algebraic operat
ion: m = 15 * 2300 = 34500 kg, or 34.5 tons.A: The weight of the concrete slab of 34.5 tons
mass measurement takes place in a conventional manner by means of one of the oldest instruments of mankind - with the help of weights.This is due to the body weight compared to using the standard weight of cargo - weights.