you need
  • calculator, computer.
In order to calculate the factorial of a number, take a scientific calculator.Key in the number of the original calculator and press the factorial.Depending on the design of the calculator, the inscription on the button may look different.For example, "x!», «N!» Or «n!».But in any case, in factorial notation must be present an exclamation point ("!").
Since the value of factorial rapidly increases with the argument that since 15, factorial value takes more than 12 characters and no longer fit in the conventional indicators calculators.As soon as the result of a calculation exceeds the digi
t calculator, most of which goes to "exponential" display mode numbers.For example, the factorial of 100 is represented as: 9,3326215443944152681699238856267e + 157 (or similar).To get the result in a more familiar form, ascribe to the number located to the character "e" ("E"), as many zeros as indicated by the letter "e".
to find the factorial of the number with the help of the computer, launch the "calculator".It is enough to click on the button "Start", "Run", type «calc» and click "OK".Check the mode in which to download the program "Calculator".If the window resembles an ordinary "accounting" calculator, switch the mode to "engineering" calculations.To do this, click on the menu item "View", and then select from the drop-list line "Engineering."Next, perform the same steps that are listed in the previous paragraph instructions.That is, enter the number itself and press the button labeled as the «n!».
If you must regularly calculate the factorial, and scientific calculator or computer is not around, then simply print out the table below.Using it, you can easily and using computer technology to find the factorial of any number - from 0 to 50.