you need
  • Topographic map, ruler
Look carefully at the map and find the kilometer grid, which must be affixed on it.Parties grid squares correspond to a certain number of kilometers, to know the number of signatures you can in the line-out stacks at the edge of the card frame.For example, the distance between two adjacent grid lines is equal to 1 km.Measure the distance rule.Let's say you got 2 cm. Thus, scale maps: 1 cm to 500 m or 1: 50,000.
second method of determining the scale of and - the nomenclature of the map.Look carefully at the card details.Nomenclature is alphanumeric name of the map sheet.Any scale ny number has a specific designation, for which a specialist is easy to determine th
e scale of card.For example, item designation M-35 represents scale of 1: 1,000,000;M-35-XI represents scale of 1: 200,000;M-35-18 to A-6-1 - scale of 1: 10000 etc.Of course, to determine the scale of and in this way you must have an understanding of the nomenclature and notation of a certain experience with topographic maps.
third way of determining the scale a card - at a certain distance.Locate on the map image milepost on highways.Measure the distance map from one column to another.You immediately know scale card (card number of centimeters will correspond to one kilometer area).
The maps scale and 1: 200,000 on the roads marked distances between settlements in kilometers.In this case, measure on the map with a ruler the distance in inches from one locality to another, and signed by the number of kilometers divide the distance in centimeters.Thus, you get value out a card, ie the number of kilometers in one centimeter.
If you are in the area, which is shown on the map, determine its scope for distance measurement.To do this, measure the distance between the mapped objects.
Use and knowledge of the length of the meridian arc.One minute the meridian is approximately 2 km, and more - 1.85 km.On the side of the frame signature cards are degrees and minutes, each minute is highlighted checkered.If, say, the length of one minute is equal to 3.7 cm, the scale card will be 1: 50,000 (one centimeter on the map is 0.5 km on the ground).