what raw foodists eat

raw food diet means eating thermally processed fruits and vegetables.Some raw foodists allow the use of seafood, some - raw meat.There are those who renounce all animal products, including honey.Basically the mass raw foodists eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits or alone.They also drink fresh juices and smoothies from fruit and vegetables. Someone syroedcheskie prepares dishes, including cakes, while others eat only whole fruits or vegetables - a few pieces of one kind for one meal.


raw food diet raw food diet theory comes from the fact that initially all the people in the world eat only raw food, after all learned to make fire immediately.Therefore, the human digestive system is best suited for diges
tion and assimilation of raw foods.Based on the fact that a person is not fit to live in a cold climate with no warm clothing, and shelter, it is concluded that mankind originated in the warm tropical climate, which means that its main species food - fruit.

After ingestion of raw fruit is its self-dissolution - autolysis - as a result of the interaction of gastric juice contained in fruit enzymes (enzymes). in thermally processed foods do not contain these enzymes, so the body is forced to spend his thereby expending more resources and energy to the process of digestion.

Most raw foodists abandon meat and fish.This is because research data about the features of the digestion of meat the human digestive system and predatory animals.The man, in contrast to predators, a very long intestine, whereas the digestion of meat is ideal for short.As a result, the human animal food is absorbed for a long time and not completely.Among other arguments - the absence of a human characteristic fangs, claws, etc.

common conviction of the need for a person eating meat is based on the theory of the need of protein.Proponents of the raw food diet is cited as an example the large and powerful herbivores such as elephants, giraffes, etc., are well do without animal protein.The reason is that the amino acids making up the protein, and many other important substances produced by the body in a healthy microflora plays a vital importance in the process of digestion.

Another argument against the boiled and fried food - the fact that in the process of heat treatment of most of the vitamins in food are killed.With a lack of food vitamins and enzymes delayed feeling of fullness, which often contributes to overeating and obesity.

It only minimal information about the raw food diet.The whole society is not yet formed a clear attitude towards him.Someone says something about the stunning results for the health and appearance, someone complains of malaise after the transition to this type of food.

But most people agree that, having decided to go on a raw food diet, you should not do it too fast and recklessly.The body needs time to rebuild, for which you should carefully observe their health, especially if you have any chronic or acute diseases.