Baltic Sea - the sea in the north of Europe, jutting deep into the mainland and entering the Atlantic basin.On its shores are countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Finland and Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but in the Baltic region, ie the area "at the Baltic Sea" includes only the last state.

Peter the Great conquered the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, leaving Sweden no longer control all the coast.The sea, which was previously called the Russian Varangian or Sveyskim, ceased to be a stranger.Russia began the process of "raznemechivaniya" Baltic east coast, freeing the national language and culture.In 1884, the sea was given the name of the Baltic, and all provinces on its banks are included in Russia, became known as the Baltic.This
name is preserved and the Soviet Soyuz: Baltic States formally included the Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Kaliningrad region.In 1990, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania became independent states.

Baltic peoples

first people in the Baltic states appeared in X century BC, but only in a few thousand years there began to emerge a fairly large cultural and developed nations.Representatives Volosovo culture considered the ancestors of modern Balts.Some of the tribes descended from the Slavic and Germanic peoples.For many millennia they lived mixed, did not have a separate territory, the tribes exchanged in the Black Sea and other areas.Only in the middle of the first millennium BC started the division in the north Finnish tribes settled in the south of the Baltic.But to call the people they still can not, they were scattered tribes under the names Cours, Lithuania, Semigallians, Yatvingians, Latgale, Sela and others.

Great Migration did not have on the population of the Baltic States a significant impact: most of the tribes remained in place, stayed here people, move with the Scandinavian Peninsula.The Baltic nations have continued to evolve, their community is now called the Baltic States.They were divided into western (Mazur, Cours, Yatvingians) and the Eastern Baltic (Lithuania, Sela, Latgale).Many of them were destroyed during the invasion of German Knights.Baits are modern Lithuanians and Latvians, the descendants of those tribes.Estonians are a Finnic people, among which there are also the ancestors of the Finnish tribes.