The debate about whether there is a soul, do not stop for many centuries.The soul of the modern concepts of a special power that exists in the human body and does not die after physical death.Philosophical and dualistic currents define the soul as an immortal substance, expressing the divine nature of man.Psychology defines soul as the basis of mental life, the complex human emotional expressions.
immortality of the soul - is the foundation of all Christian creeds directions.According to these teachings, the soul continues to exist after physical death.She remains in a border state, or goes directly to hell or heaven.Not all denominations support the existence of the soul.In Buddhism, its existence is denied and it is believed that the belief in its
existence is the cause of suffering.
experiment conducted by doctors in England, for many people has become the undisputed evidence of the existence of the soul.Its essence is that the dying man weighed, and after the actual death of the body feel better by 9-12 grams.The same thing happened at the moment of clinical death, and when the man came into the consciousness, the weight came back.
There are numerous indications that the soul exists.So who were in a state of clinical death, people were told that rose above the body and watched from behind their physical body.Some have seen the manipulation of the body doctors, tears of loved ones.Allegedly, some in this state feel the connection with the physical body, but at the same time irresistible force them somewhere beckoning.Many noted the extraordinary ease and peace, which did not experience in real life.Returns to his body, they quickly and swiftly, as if they were attracted strong attraction.
Academician Bekhterev put forward the theory that the mind is capable of redirected the flow of energy from the person to other objects.So thought the energy transformed into heat radiation.He believed that people can use their energy like radio waves.If the thought is material, then it can not die with the physical body, and should go into some other form of existence.As suggested by the academician, is nothing but the soul is the bearer of thoughts.According to the law of conservation of energy, after death, the soul does not disappear, but simply transferred to another state.