history base Apple

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, are big fans of electronics, we knew each other from school.In the early 70s they built several devices called Blue Box, which allows you to make free phone calls.Wozniak was the inspirer and the actual executor of the project, but Jobs took over the function of advertising, managing to sell quite a number of devices for a decent amount.In 1975, the young inventors are beginning to design your first computer.The works were completed in early 1976, and the computer called Apple I. On April of the same year Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded the company Apple Computer.

Steve Jobs

Largely due to his business acumen, Steve Jobs was able
to sell about 200 computers Apple I. This success and confidence in great future of computer technology has helped the company to develop further.In 1977, it was realized even more successful project - the computers Apple II.So the company under the leadership of Steve Jobs was able to rise to the leading position in the computer market and hold them for about 10 years.In 1985, due to a series of failures and controversies within the company, Jobs resigned from Apple and became one of the founders of the animation studio Pixar.In 1996, he returned to the corporation he created as an interim manager, and in 2000 again became a permanent director.Under his leadership, it was designed in 2001 and introduced to the public, the player iPod, in 2007 - iPhone, in 2010 - iPad.Parallel to this, the market continues to go on your Macintosh.Production of high-tech devices helped Apple in August 2011 to become the most valuable company in the world.At the same time, Steve Jobs voluntarily left the post of CEO.September 5, 2011 the great inventor died.The cause of death of Steve Jobs has become a respiratory arrest caused by pancreatic cancer.

Steve Wozniak

established in 1976 the company Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak was appointed vice-president.He was responsible for research and product development company.Wozniak engaged in the creation of equipment for the first models of Apple computers and written language software for their computers.His Apple II computer Jobs and Wozniak made millionaires.In 1987 he left the company, while retaining its stake.Nominally, Steve Wozniak still the number of employees of the corporation and receives a salary there.

Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne was a friend of Steve Jobs and that Jobs had invited him to become another founder of a new company for the production of computers.Peru belongs to Ronald Wayne lyrics tripartite agreement on the establishment of the company, he came up with the first company logo (Newton sitting under an apple tree) and wrote a manual computer Apple I. However, after two weeks Wayne refused to participate in the development of production, sold its 10%stake for $ 800, even $ 1,500, he wrote a written waiver of all claims to an established company.According to some estimates, 10% of the shares of Wayne today estimated to tens of billions of dollars.