as dancing Hustle Hustle

called disco dance pair, which comprises a plurality of turns, spins, spins.A standard set of movements has no hustle, because he is a social dance, so - free, liberated, incendiary.Like other social dances, hustle dance for themselves.His goal - to have fun, to dance, to feel the rhythm of the music, and to give his body in his possession.Hustle is based on improvisation and contact partners.This, first of all, and taught in the classroom for Hustle.

English word «hustle» means cluttered, crush, which fully reflects the essence of the dance.For his performance does not need a huge parquet.We need just a couple of square meters of the club's dance floor.

demonstrations and competitions, of course, also take place.But for this a long train and partners include a number of different acrobatic elements.World cham
pion considered by Hustle Swiss couple - Roland Haller and Christina Schaller.

Dancer can be any hustle.No matter how much you weigh and how old you are.The main thing - the feeling of the music and emancipation.

Communication hustle and other social dances

Hustle dance as a form first appeared in the 60s of the last century in discos in Europe and the United States.In Russia, the hustle appeared in the late 70s after the premiere of the film "I love rock 'n' roll."The idea was picked up bourgeois incendiary dance students of MSU.Since the first hustle dancers, having finished university, they parted on the city and organize a training of the dance.

Today in Russia Hustle is also known, but is less popular than the Latin American social dances, such as salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton, etc.

Salsa - Social quick Puerto Rican dance, which is performed under the Latin American music with a distinctive rhythm, set the pace-stick.

Bachata - sensual Latin dance, which is built on close cooperation partners.Learn bachata possible for distinctive accents the hips at the fourth lobe stroke.

Merengue - Latin American social dance, which, according to one version, performed by slaves, whose legs were chained blocks.Therefore, in modern merengue motion feet are small, like a mincing.

Reggaeton - the most energetic and sexy Cuban dance.His quick precise rhythm makes girls and guys move at high speed, cycling all parts of the body.

Hustle contains elements of all these dances, as well as hustle-discos can be seen in the performance of incendiary pairs movement borrowed from the tango, swing and rock 'n' roll.