Punk subculture originated in the West at the turn of 60-70 years of the last century.Now it is difficult to say which came first: the actual movement itself punk or punk rock.In any case, the music is an integral part of this subculture.

punk movement

word punk (runk) in the English language has many meanings.But most of them have a purely negative sense.Scum, scum, pig, rags, dirt, debris - is an incomplete list of English swear words expressed by one short word punk.

Already from the name of the youth movement, it follows that people who choose to be called so categorically oppose themselves to the society.And punks chosen as its official symbols red and black flag of anarchists says Pan denial of state.But unlike the anarchists, punks were out of politics.Against the existing stan
ding protesting his music, appearance and behavior.

In contrast to the other Western subculture of hippies, punks showed their protest often aggressively.Warmed by alcohol and drugs, they organized street fights, pestering passers-by did not obey the police.

All this could not fail to cause anxiety in Western society.And punks were, as far as possible in a democratic society, the fight.But, as is often the case among youth protest movements, their leaders inevitably get older.And on the spot yesterday raging passions of protest, it appears quite peaceful substance with his music, the external attributes and philosophy.These people still call themselves punks, but in essence are only carriers of the punk subculture.

Punk rock

In the early '70s punk movement spilled on the rock scene.Because of this, the punks were able to express themselves, their interests and aspirations of the world.

first real punk band generally accepted British Sex ristols.Tough style of performance, shocking lyrics and aggressive behavior on stage musicians Sex Pistols became a role model for many other punk rock bands.

seventies of the last century without exaggeration be called the golden age of punk rock.Punk-rock band in the world grew, as mushrooms.Their popularity has gained a global scale.

But talented musicians, what in the punk rock was a lot, began to gradually move away from the primitiveness of this style, creating a new direction of his.

However, the punk movement itself gradually calmed down.