main highlight of their new album, Lady Gaga describes the fact that it is designed in 3D to a DVD-ROM.Preparation for such an unusual form of the release of his album of pop singer started long ago - back when the world saw its first record.Then the disc packaging were put on special glasses for viewing surround video.At the time, followed by a vague explanation that they will be useful later.Here and there was a clue to the mystery.So fans of the flamboyant singer to fully be able to enjoy and a good three-dimensional video, and sound.

In addition, the pop diva plans to issue the album as a large multimedia project, which will be available to fans of
all forms of media - smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.For them, the album will be performed in concert form, which can be received via a specially crafted application.

Here you will not only enjoy the creativity of the singer.The application is planned to be interactive.Therefore, it will present a chat to communicate with other fans of the famous Lady and various themed game.It is also planned to establish in the framework of the global project videos for the songs and bonus tracks that are on the disc version of the album can be heard and seen would not.

a one-time release of this album, the singer is not going to stop and plans to update it regularly.In this application, which will accompany the new album, it will publish its news and other information for the fans.This plate is in danger of becoming the most ambitious project in the world of show business.

This plate is positioned as the successor of the previous album Born This Way.The very same Lady Gaga, communicating with his fans via Twitter, reported that the new album promises to be insane.Also pop star ensures that such her fans have not heard.Managers of the singer, who are watching her work, I promise that this will be something great.