most polluted city in Russia figured Rosstat - Federal State Statistics Service.The creators of the official bulletin, which describes the environmental situation in the country, in their studies were based on two key indicators today: pollute the atmosphere as emissions from stationary sources and vehicles.Number of harmful substances summed, resulting in the overall ranking was drawn up in all the cities of the country.However, it should be noted that the experts were not entirely objective.The allocation of places not taken into account the level of toxicity of the substances emitted, as well as square.
tenth polluted cities in Russia is Magnitogorsk.The
town in the Chelyabinsk region in a year emits 256 thousand. Tons of harmful substances.The primary "contaminant" is located there Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.It accounts for almost 90% of all emissions.And only 10% of transport issues.
to ninth place unpleasant charts located Angarsk.This industrial city in the Irkutsk region annually produces nearly 280 thousand. Tonnes of emissions.95.5% from the petrochemical, chemical elektrozno, nitrogen fertilizer and other plants.Omsk, took eighth place, just ahead of Angarsk on 11 th. Tons of carbon (291.6 thous. Tons per year).However, in this city the role of stationary sources is much lower and is just over 70%.
Seventh place went to Novokuznetsk.This city is one of the largest coal-mining and metallurgical centers mills.As a consequence, a regional city in the Kemerovo region annually allocates almost 320 thousand. Tons of harmful emissions.And a little more than 90% accounted for by industrial plants and businesses.
In sixth place, just slightly ahead of Novokuznetsk, located Lipetsk.In the year of the city emits about 323 thous. Tons.The main negative impact on the environment has a local metallurgical plant.In his "conscience" 92% of all emissions.
In the middle ranking in fifth place, the city turned out to be asbestos.Its share in the pollution of 330 ths. Tons.As the name implies, the main negative factor is the enterprise for the extraction and processing of asbestos - they account for almost 99% of emissions.
quadruple in the ranking of the most polluted cities in Russia took Cherepovets.It carries almost 365 thous. Tons of emissions.About 60% of them are in "Severstal" - the main city in the Metallurgical Complex of the Vologda region.
In third place was St. Petersburg.Industry and production of natural resources in a given place practically engaged.A major factor is the pollution of the city transport: it allocates about 86% of the total of 488 thousand. Tonnes.
Second place went to Moscow.As in St. Petersburg, in the capital there is a serious industry and large factories, but traffic is huge.As a result, Moscow discarded annually about 996 thousand. Tons of harmful substances.93% of them deliver automobiles and other vehicles.
most polluted city in Russia today is Norilsk.In the year here with nearly 1960 thousand. Tons of harmful substances.The main factor that worsens the environment, the plant is the famous "Norilsk Nickel" - it accounts for 99% of pollution.