What is included in the social sphere

Along with the economic, political and spiritual spheres of social services implies:
- characteristic form of human activity (it can be educational activities, political, etc.);
- the existence of social institutions (collective work, school, family, church, political party);
- relations established by the interaction between people (for example, the relationship between parents and children, between friends, between enemies, between teacher and student).

should be noted that a person exists and interacts in all areas at the same time, not only in the social.For example, if you sell the TV to his relative, you are at the same time in at least two areas - social and economic.And if at the same time you are
a politician, and your cousin is religious, then in all four at once.

How is treated through the social sphere of human existence

philosophers call the social sphere of society in which there are all kinds of community, interacting with each other at the level of social relations.Thus, a person in the society can carry out a number of social roles: the boss or subordinate, citizen or peasant, father, son, brother.Actually, even this fact as sex, imposes on man certain social rights and responsibilities - the behavior of men and women in every society is different.On the basis of social communities, which include man and the social roles that he has to do, the opportunity to build a philosophical portrait as a single person, and "average" member of society, and society as a whole.Studies of the social sphere are held usually in the form of a questionnaire.The most important points to consider when drawing up the picture sociological following:

- demographic structure (this may include men and women, single and married, the elderly and young people);
- ethnic structure (defined by nationality);
- professional structure (salesmen, economists, doctors, teachers, janitors, etc.);
- educational structure (people with higher education, students, schoolchildren);
- settlement structure (urban or rural resident);
- a class structure (here important social position, the origin of the individual, as well as various castes, classes, and class, if they are accepted in a given society).