Most of the documents have the same form in any of the banks in Russia, also usually require the same of their list:

• Key documents to the selected accommodations (House book, certificate of absence of debt instruments on the ground, if itprivate house, and so on);

• Passport housing (required attach the plan);

• Help characterizing the living room and help form №9 of registration;

• identity documents the seller and buyer;

• if necessary, a marriage certificate and the birth of minor children (if want to arrange a mortgage Young family) and other documents, which are set individually depending on the type of bank and mortgage lending.

usually consider the mortgage lending takes from three days to a week.Although modern banks engage in so-called "quick loans" when the decision to grant a loan is taken within a few hours.In addition, recently there was even an online application

for a mortgage.This approach allows us to make several requests to different banks to increase the chances of obtaining a mortgage.

In the case of the consent of the bank, within one month (the period may also vary depending on the bank and the type of mortgage) you will need to find a suitable accommodation that meets all the requirements set by the bank.

This problem can greatly facilitate professional cooperation of your bank with the construction companies the city or country.In this case, you will be able to do without some of the embezzlement (eg, self-repayment of the difference between asking price and the amount of the seller, which evaluated the chosen apartment bank employees).

provide professional assessment of housing need to be sure, banks usually associated with the presence of this requirement limits the total amount of credit (typically from 80 to 100% of the appraised value of the apartment or house).That is, focusing on the appraised value, you will be given credit.

Everything else when you make a mortgage, the bank will ask for compulsory insurance of your property, as well as risks of loss of working capacity of the borrower.Payment of mortgage - a long time for the process, so we advise you to be sure to take advantage of this type of insurance.