main result of globalization - the division of labor at the international level, widespread migration of human and production resources, the international standardization of technical and economic processes, as well as the mutual penetration of cultures of different nations.

globalization covers all areas of public life, and as a result the world becomes more dependent on its individual parts.However, most clearly the process of globalization can be seen in the economy - formed the global markets, the integration of different sectors of the world economy.

At the end of the last century, global integration has reached a special fast-paced, this contributed to the fall of the "Iron Curtain" and the disintegration of the USSR, a
s well as the active involvement of China in the global economy and the strong development of the ubiquitous information technology.

have the phenomenon of globalization has both positive and negative consequences.Moreover, various experts, scientists and politicians are the same effects of globalization are usually different interpretations.Thus, it is clear that as a result of globalization, transnational formed a single economic system and state borders today are with each decade less and less significant.This is evidenced by the increasing pace of the migration of peoples from different countries across the globe.This potentially lead to the formation of so-called "sotsiomonolita" - undivided on national, political, religious and other community features.Some believe it is a good trend, others argue for the preservation of individual cultures and economies in each country.

However, it is obvious that the formation of a unity of society - an inevitable consequence of globalization, which in these days is gaining more and more rapid pace.And the most positive outcome of the comprehensive peace associations can become a solution to one of the most serious problems of planetary scale, which for thousands of years does not leave our planet - the threat of international wars and armed conflicts.

There is a social and political movement of anti-globalization - anti-globalists.Its members often become prominent scientists, economists, social activists and other activists critical of the process of global economic, political and cultural integration into a single global community.