Piracy - a dangerous criminal profession

Piracy fanned by numerous legends, myths and stereotypes.Most often, at the mention of pirates, thought to jump by directors and writers of images.Funny Captain Jack Sparrow, Silver with a wooden leg, bearded Edward Teach and other heroes someone fun, someone to scare someone disgust.However, few people remain indifferent to them.

But fictional screen / literary pirate life is composed of numerous stereotypes.One of the most common: the pirates are romantic nature and unrecognized geniuses.This myth is fading away numerous historical documents proving two things.

first: piracy agree or very poor, or very greedy.The main motive was personal enrichment and the opportunity to earn well.The second fea
ture: rich pirates became very rare.As a rule, they are not sent in search of treasures, and were engaged in the prosaic robbery, attacking merchant ships.If the Pirates were caught in the act, he faces the gallows.When arrested on the bank - guaranteed servitude or all of the same rope.

second stereotype concerns vessels.The screens often show huge pirate ship with many sails and intimidating black flag with skull and crossbones.The real pirates are never used for the "work" of the big trucks, because he has poor maneuverability.Ships robbers were small, brisk and had an excellent driving performance.

third stereotype relates to the field of activity of pirates.It is believed that people have become on this path, distinguished courage and fierce courage, so strongly counter-attack every ship indiscriminately.However, the robbers were looking exclusively benefit, so their main purpose was commercial vessels.Warships always tried to avoid the pirates.

Stereotypes about pirate appearance

Many cinematic pirates flaunt in multilayer clothes, hung with all sorts of accessories.In reality it is practically no.Pirate had to constantly carry out any work on the ship, so the priority was comfortable and convenient suits do not fetter movements.

following concerns physical attractiveness stereotype: a wooden prosthesis instead of legs and a hook instead of a hand.The first image is largely a myth.As a general rule, if required emergency amputation of the leg, the ship spent her cook (chef).This operation often ends with the death (from infection or excessive bleeding), rather than the order of the prosthesis.But the stereotype of the hook - a reality.And afford the functional and convenient thing could only fight the pirates of the highest rank.

One of the main satellite pirates, thanks to the "Treasure Island", is considered to be a talking parrot.However, this stereotype - a literary fiction.Pirates were practical people, so no birds and animals are not kept on the ships.First, the animals must be something to feed and water.Second, they can strongly interfere with the operation.Third, you need to look after them and to clean up.

So what is the truth?

Some stereotypes are true.For example, the fact that the pirates wore a bandage on one of his eyes.However, this accessory is not used to close a wound or an empty eye socket.Because of the darkness, which was getting used to one eye, the pirate could easily come into an unexpected battle both in daylight and in the dark hold.

Pirates often grow long beards.This was due not so much a style as the inability to put himself in order.It is also true to the stereotype of uncleanliness robbers.To bathe in the sea / ocean often was not safe, and bathrooms on pirate ships almost was not.

Stereotypes about drinking and in his own way true.Pili pirates for several reasons: to keep warm at night, get rid of physical pain after the fight, forget about seasickness, while celebrating victory.Some had to drink in order to maintain morale, as opponents rarely give up without a fight.