Although textbook gloss caused by many generations of researchers in the image of Ivan Susanin, much of the associated story remains a mystery.There are several conflicting versions of the events that took place in the forests of Kostroma.It is believed that the village headman Susanin rescued from the invading Poles Tsar Mikhail elected Zemsky Sobor in 1613.Poles attempted to seize a young emperor, who was hiding in Domnino.

Legend has it that Ivan Susanin, having learned about the approach of the enemy, safely sheltered Mikhail Romanov, and he offered to show the way to the Polish troops intended location of the king.After a long and tiring transition enemies saw through cle
ver idea conductor intention to send a detachment to impassable swamp.It is believed that after the "unmeasured" torture Poles hacked Susanin, but they have not been able to get out perished and furnace areas.King Michael, meanwhile, successfully took refuge from the enemy in the Ipatiev Monastery.This is the most common version, relating to the identity of Susanin and his actions.

few years of the feat of Ivan Susanin no one remembered.Only after the written request of relatives of the hero to the king describing his services to the autocrat king gave descendants Susanin exemption from the tax burden.The next generation of descendants of Susanin repeatedly issued appropriate certificates to confirm privileges.

official version of events has repeatedly been questioned by historians in the XIX century.Even then, the researchers rightly pointed out the apparent contradictions in the description of the events and the lack of reliable data on the direction of the Polish unit in Kostroma forest.However, after the installation of the highest command of the Russian tsar monument to Susanin homeland hero reduced the number of doubters - to refute the official version was unsafe.

Today's historians are increasingly inclined to believe that in fact Ivan Susanin did not die at the hands of the Poles, but became a victim of one of the many gangs of thieves, hunted robbery on forest roads.Relatives of the elder decided to use this fact to their advantage, distorting the events in the hope of mercy mother of Tsar Michael, who knew Ivan Susanin.However, after so many years confirm the authenticity of the official version, or to refute it is almost impossible.I did the Susanin martyrdom of the young king and was the victim of an ordinary robbery - this question remains open.