History and development of Wikipedia

project is available to each user the ability to edit any article or record.Wikipedia collected various useful information - from the greatest sporting event to the history of ancient civilizations and significant world events.

official history of Wikipedia begins its launch in January 2001, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.However, the technical and conceptual aspects of Wikipedia were laid much earlier.Thus, the earliest definition for the public online encyclopedia belongs to Rick Gates and dates back to the year 1993.But the very concept of the free online encyclopedia, freely available to everyone, it was suggested by Richard Stallman in December 2000.

important to note that the con
cept Stallman necessarily includes the idea of ​​the absence of any control over the editing of the information contained in the pages of Wikipedia.Each user has the right to edit and add information articles.However, every change is recorded in the system that allows you to remove placed deliberately false or misleading information.

The system is implemented fairly easy search.It is enough to fit into a small window the desired fact or, for example, the name of a geographic object, and the user receives a list of articles that mention the word specified.Wikipedia covers most areas of human life, helping to explore the world without leaving the place in front of the monitor.

Achievements Internet resource

Already February 12, 2001 the project reached its 1000th article Noah, and on 7 September this year, there were 10 articles 000. During the first year of its existence, Wikipedia replenished by 20 000 entries, the increase was about 1500articles per month.In January 2002, 90% of all the articles in Wikipedia are only in English, but after two years, at least 50% of the articles were in English.Every year, the internationalization continued to increase.As of 2014 85% of all Wikipedia articles contained in the non-English versions of the draft.

Wikipedia is completely free resource on the site there is no advertising, banners and other commercial content.To help in the development of the project can be only voluntary donations in a special section.

According to research, Wikipedia is the sixth most popular resources on the Internet.Moreover, only the United States every month the project is visited by over 85 million unique visitors.