If you want to tell the person a compliment, look him in the eye, do not say casually, focuses attention on the words and say specifically.Your friend needs to understand what you want to say.Otherwise, your words will sound insincere, people will not believe you, you will not get the desired result.For example, if you want to emphasize the beauty of the external man is not limited to words, the attractiveness or beauty.Tell me, what do you connect them, such as his clothes, hairstyles, makeup, etc.
Make sure that your compliment was appropriate in a particular situation, it should be said at the right time and right place.If you say to a compliment at the wrong time and in the appropriate circumstances, it may hurt a man, in the best case, he did not appreciate.For example, if you want to prais
e him for his work, which he did for other people try to tell him a compliment in their environment, so that man felt that his work is really appreciated.
common error is to insert a compliment to mention himself.For example, "You are an excellent job as you get it, I would not do it."Mention itself suggests that you focus not on human abilities but on the fact that you do not own them.It gives your self-centeredness and a desire to distinguish himself.
pay compliments only those things that are directly related to the person and under its control.It can be personal qualities of the man, his achievements, abilities, etc.Compliment should show that you value in a person in any of its manifestations.For example, if you like the person caring for your garden or house, say something about him (for example, that he is very patient, hard-working, etc.), rather than on the results of his work.
is important to pay attention to who you're talking about a compliment.Man, for example, can be quite a stranger to you.In this case, you can focus their attention on the obvious things for you, such as appearance, any accessories, or the work that he performs, interacting with you.If you say, for example, with a loved one, you can accompany their words with actions, for example, embracing him, patting on the shoulder, etc.In any case, do not expect the interlocutor of something in return, such as response compliment.In addition, the person is not required to express any gratitude.If you are sincere in your words, you said a compliment to be pleasing yourself.