Recruitment for the service of top officials is a very responsible task.Recruited people must not only know their responsibilities and to master the necessary skills, but also possess high moral qualities - in particular, not to make out personal information from the life of people they serve.That is why the search for workers usually rely on well-known agency with extensive databases and reliable person able to choose almost any position.

Despite all the advantages of this option, the British Queen Elizabeth II chose to find a new driver's own, and she decided to seek it through the Internet, placing an ad on available jobs on Buckingham Palace and duplicate it in the electronic media.

As required by Her Majesty, a candidate for the driver should have a sweet temper and ability to maintain a conversation, to be a hum
an team, adhere to the highest standards.His responsibilities will include overseeing the work of the royal garage and maintenance of vehicles in good condition.Queen of the driver is ready to trust and work with its electronic mailbox.Of course, the applicant for the position of the driver must be able to perfectly control the car, have a great driving experience.

new driver will transport not only members of the royal family, but officials from the administration of the palace and royal guests.The announcement says that he will spend behind the wheel of 48 hours per week, while his salary will be about £ 2,000 a month, which is slightly more than 100 thousand rubles.For the UK, it is quite a little money, the proposed amount lower than the average salary in the country.

worth noting that Queen Elizabeth II and her family is not the first time are turning to the internet to find staff.Earlier, through its own site of the royal family were found butler and gardener, and through an advertisement in the newspaper - dishwasher.