Taxes - the basis of the functioning of the state.If they were not, the state apparatus was not able to work.We can say that the collection and distribution of taxes allows the country's economic policy by injecting funds in need in this field of activity.With good management of the tax system, the government can maintain the economic balance within the country.Tax system - a complex and extensive network, which is based on a number of conditions and assumptions.
All taxes are divided into direct and indirect.Direct - those that directly contributes to the payer of wages or income, for example, is the income tax.Indirect taxes are included in the price of various commodities.As an example we can take the VAT.Taxes are local, regional and federal.Local and regional taxes go to th
e formation of the local budget (used in the region), and the general state - on the formation of the country's budget.
most important tax for the Russian budget - income tax.His pay absolutely all enterprises and companies registered in the country.Interest is charged on the profits from the sale and production, as well as transactions with the assets of the company.Apart from income tax spaced taxes on gambling and sale of securities, they are arranged according to another scheme.The basic rate of income tax is 13%, but, given that in some areas, certain types of businesses provide a stable of great benefit, the rate can be increased.Sometimes it reaches 22%.
next significant budget tax - VAT, or value added tax.His charge virtually any product or any service provided, its size also varies and can range from 10% to 20%.Another type of tax for the products - Excise.It takes a particularly profitable products such as alcohol and tobacco products.Excise bring the country's budget a lot of money.
All of the above apply to federal taxes.Also, in addition to it should include a tax on mineral extraction, water tax, fees for the use of biological resources of the country and various other state duties.To refer to regional property tax for legal entities, transport tax and the tax on gambling.It can be attributed to local land tax, property tax for individuals, patent taxes and tax fees charged for special schemes, such as USN or UAT.
Money from the tax revenue goes to the formation of different budgets.The order of a federal, regional, municipal and district budgets.The distribution comes with the tax authorities without the participation of the payer.According to the law of the Russian Federation, the taxes permitted to spend on the content of the various budget organizations, social benefits, construction of various vital installations, which include clinics and hospitals, power plants, bridges, houses and so on.A very large part of the tax goes to the security of the country: the maintenance of the army and the conduct of military operations.