After the death of Ivan the Terrible in Moscow "pulled" False Dmitry.Officially known of the three impostors, but some sources indicate the existence of five lzhetsarevichey.Dmitri was the youngest son of Ivan VI, he was allegedly killed by "people" Boris Godunov.False Dmitry I - monk Grigory tow, who posed as a miracle escaped prince, he managed to ascend the throne and rule the country for a year.He was later killed by the boyars.Immediately after his death came another Lzhetsarevich, who pretended to be the first False Dmitry, who saved from the wrath of the boyars.However, neither he nor any other impostors got to Moscow.
There were many impostors who posed as Peter III, detached from the throne and his wife Catherine II.After his
death in Moscow with his army went Lzhepetr polutoratysyachny, but was caught and sent to eternal servitude.Catherine II to the impostors and lightly ironic.It not yet appeared Emelyan Pugachev, the most famous Lzhepetr that unleashed the Peasant War.
first known impostor in the world became Gaumata.He seized power in 522 BCin Persia.The legitimate king Cambyses at the time was on a military campaign in Egypt.Gaumata called himself Bard - the younger brother of the emperor.He was killed by Cambyses shortly before the campaign.Pretender regulations Empire 7 months.When caught in a lie Gaumata was destroyed, along with approximate.
also Emperor Nero, in addition to an unstable state and a bad reputation, left after the death of three Pseudo-Nero.But none of them came to the throne.While one of them called himself Nero, more than 11 years and had a lot of supporters.
continuation has the story of Joan of Arc.Five years after the execution of the French heroine in one of the cities of France appeared False Jeanne.It is acknowledged by many nobles and siblings of Arc.Jeanne married and had two children.She always had a magnificent reception and gifts to honor.Over time, the impostor admitted lying and repent.But still debate whether it was real or not Joan.
In history there are imposters who posed as a prince or heirs of a fictional state.Some of them allegedly collected money to return to the throne, which deprived them unfairly.Among these it is worth noting the famous impostors Ivan Trevogin posing as Prince nonexistent Golkondskogo kingdom, the princess Karabakh, which seemed princess from distant lands and George Salmanzara, declared himself a native of the island of Formosa.