In May 2012, according to estimates from Rosstat, inflation amounted to 0.3%.This figure was slightly lower than expected.For example, in the previous year in the same month, the value of money has fallen by almost half a percentage point.The low level of inflation can be attributed to the general stabilization of the global economy, as well as the growth of production in Russia.

inflation consists of a set of indicators and its real impact on the lives of the population depends on how much the prices for goods and services consumed.The average of all the goods of wide demand, prices rose by the same 0.3%.At the same time becoming more expensive food slower - their cost shops and markets increased by 0.2%.This was due to it
ems such as eggs and sugar, and decreased slightly the price of fish, seafood and a variety of oil.

At the same time, the prospect of further lowering the cost of goods unrelated to the season, can not be traced.This is due to the fact that began to rise in price of petrol.This dangerous trend could further spur inflation as fuel - an important element of pricing.

Cost of services varies depending on the industry.The contribution to inflation make travel companies and hotels - the cost of their services is increasing due to the onset of warm days and the approach of the holiday season.At the same time in this period, stopped the growth of tariffs for communal services.

Those who went abroad in May, inflation could feel even stronger.The cost of major world currencies - the dollar and the euro - has increased against the ruble by 2-3%.

Overall, inflation can be assessed as moderate in May, with the desire to decrease.If the rise in fuel prices will stop, and stop intensified outflows from the country, we can expect that during the summer the ruble will remain fairly stable.