first three places in the ranking of the most influential women in the world, according to the magazine Forbes, took the ladies politicians.List once again headed Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, took the second place, as in 2011.The third was the Dilma Vana Rousseff, President of Brazil.Thus, the three leaders in 2012 remained unchanged.In addition to these powerful ladies in the list were other policies, including the Queen of England, who took 26th place.

The average age of the women included in the list is 55 years.The most elderly became Elizabeth II, Queen of England, which has already turned 86 years old.The youngest was the 26-year-old singer Lady Gaga.By the way, it has become the most influential representative of
show business, taking 14th place in the ranking.This is an excellent result, considering that Lady Gaga was the first in the list of most influential women in the world of magazine Forbes.As for the other representatives of show business, among them were Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Angelina Jolie, ranked 32, 38, 40 and 66 places respectively.

The list was a place and to representatives of 25 large companies.Among business woman most influential steel Christine Lagarde, the IMF managing director, and Sheryl Kara Sandberg, a member of the board of directors of Facebook and extremely successful businesswoman.Sheryl Sandberg has been repeatedly included in such a list, compiled by the magazine Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Time.

The list included representatives and the media.One of the most influential women in the world, according to Forbes, was the main editor of the American online magazine The Huffington Post, as well as the chief editor of the popular US newspaper The New York Times, Jill Abramson.