Chocolate, on the rights to the name of which there is a dispute, issued the Moscow confectionery factory "Red October" and the St. Petersburg factory Krupskaya.Muscovites are decorated by all the rules of the registration certificate of the trademark "Alenka".

This document is issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property Protection - Rospatent.The name of the "controversial" chocolate more different from him - "Krupskaya Alenka".However, in March 2011 Muscovites have submitted an application to the St. Petersburg Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).A year later a similar stateme
nt in the Moscow branch of the same service filed a St. Petersburg factory - she accused colleagues of illegal registration of the trademark.Now documents on both claims sent to the regional offices of the central office of FAS, and which will have to deal with two chocolate "Alenka".

Until recently, both factories were part of the association "Askond" uniting of the confectionery industry of Russia."Red October" - a part of the holding "United Confectioners", and the factory Krupskaya was there presented by the company "Orkla Brands Russia" to which it belongs.

But in February 2012. "Orkla Brands Russia" emerged from this association, explained his actions by saying that "Askond" does not care about the interests of the industry as a whole, but only protects the interests of the holding "United Confectioners".The reason, apparently, was the refusal of Rospatent to register another trademark of the company - "Sunny Kyzyl Kum".The company believes that in this way prevents the establishment of Rospatent competition title "Kum", also belonging to the factory "Red October".The company "Orkla Brands Russia" - a branch of the Norwegian concern Orkla in our country.