man lives in the community and with the birth of his "assigned" a certain social status, such as a son or daughter.As they grow, these statuses a person becomes more and more: the school student, student, employee of the company or the employee, husband or wife, a parent.Some of these statuses are disappearing as social and personal development, others remain with a person for many years.
But if the social status - a position that occupies in society or that person, the social role - it is a certain set of actions that a person must take if it takes a particular social status.So, for example, the mother - it is a social status.Its social role is to take care of the development and health of their children, to provide them with education, inculcate certain cultural and social skills, etc.
social role develops, usually taken from a particular community ideas about how people should behave, occupying a certain social status.But often the submission of man how he should behave in a certain social status differ from those in the community.And then there are different kinds of social conflicts, which can be divided into three large groups.
intrarole conflicts.They occur in the case when the requirements of a social role in conflict with each other.So, as a parent involves gentle and lovingly caring attitude to their children.At the same time, this role requires a manifestation of austerity and rigor in the process of education.And sometimes it is not easy to find a reasonable compromise between rigor and love.
inter-role conflict.They occur when the requirements of a role contrary to the requirements of the role of the other.Thus, the role of the wife and mistress of the house implies attention to her husband and children, all kinds of caring for them, the desire to establish life and the maintenance of order in the house.And the role of a successful professional needs often sacrifice their personal time, interests and personal life for the sake of the interests of business.And when the woman tries to fully combine these two social roles, which may result in nerve overvoltage and even disease.
personal-role conflicts.This type of conflict occurs, if the requirements of a particular social role contrary to the specific characteristics of the individual, his aspirations and values.So to be a good specialist, is not enough solid knowledge and extensive professional skills.To move up the career ladder is required and the ability to communicate effectively, and stress, and certain endurance and stamina.If a person they are not sufficiently developed, it will be extremely difficult to achieve success in this social role.
Unfortunately, to fully resolve social conflicts for each particular person is hardly possible.But you can not try to bring them to the "critical point."To do this is to try to do the following.
Getting rid of perfectionism, that is,each striving to fulfill its social role of the most brilliant and well.Remember, too good for everyone to become impossible.Suffice it to mind that the main function of the social role fulfilled, and the recognition of this fact, the closest and significant others.
prioritize.Determine for yourself what kind of social status at the moment is the most important for you at this time.On this basis, the appropriate social role given more attention, it is more thorough.
improve.If the achievement and retention of any social status are extremely important to you, and the existing personal qualities do not allow it to reach and establish in it, we can only reveal their own weaknesses and patiently and consistently work towards their elimination.