Steer climber in Hawaii is exceptionally talented - it has the ability to climb the waterfall of 100 meters in height with the help of his mouth as a sucker.
Some sharks are viviparous creatures, while others characterized by their ability to lay eggs, and so are called "mermaid's purse."The embryo inside the egg is vulnerable and defenseless creature.However, germ of bamboo sharks different special ability: he feels the electric field of his enemy, allowing him as a "freeze" and not to allow him to observe.
The researchers concluded that the spiders that feed on bats live on every continen
t except Antarctica.Types of spiders that weave networks, namely araneomorphae and tarantulas, like to eat the young bats.This prompted scientists to think about how this phenomenon is common throughout the world.After reviewing the analysis of scientific papers over the last hundred years, scientists have come to the conclusion that the entire world was recorded about 50 cases of eating spiders bats.Basically the mouse became prey for spiders in countries with hot climates and the tropics.
scientists had registered an unusual pregnancy bull shark, which is caught on the coast of Florida.One of the embryos that were inside her womb, had two heads.This deformity may occur when the embryo started its division into two parts, while forming twins.However, at some point, the division failed.In the wild this baby could not survive.
Butterflies that live in the Amazon rainforest, found a way to survive.Sitting on the Amazon river turtle shell, butterflies drink the tears from their eyes.This makes it possible to replenish the shortage of minerals in the body.Since the eastern part of the Amazon is a salt deficiency, the bees and the butterflies have to fill it in this way.
orchid mantis, like many other insects, able to simulate the innocent flower.However, unlike other insects, which are disguised as predators, the mantis is a carnivore, and due to its flower imitation, he attracts prey as bees and butterflies.The scientists concluded that the mantis - this is the only insect that mimics a flower to attract prey.