consider the value of the name can be both secular and ecclesiastical point of view with.Which of these aspects are important, everyone decides for himself.

worldly value

Any proper name before to become one was a household name and has a lexical meaning.There is no shortage of books and websites where you can learn that Xenia means "wanderer, the guest", Alex - "protector", and George and its derivatives, and Yegor, Yuri, "farmer."Sometimes guided by a value.

Of course, parents can call the daughter of Hope, which have high expectations, and his son - Ivan, if his birth to them - "God's grace".But the significance of some of the names is not so romantic: the name of Jacob (James) is translated from Hebrew as "heel," and Ignatius - "unborn" in Latin.On the other hand, there are the names with great value, but to give to their childre
n is not recommended because of the dissonant, such as Pavsikaky - "stopping evil."

To become a name, a word must lose their lexical meaning, or rather would have sounded absurd phrases like: "You should never rely on the hope" or "Love does not love him."And if the lexical meaning is lost, put him at the forefront it is not necessary.

Another aspect of the worldly meaning of the name - it's possible the perception of others, and it can and should be guided.Because pretentious, ugly name the child may have problems in relationships with peers.We should not forget about the historical or literary associations, which acquire the names, particularly rare: the name of Adolf Hitler associated with Titus - a bummer of folk jokes, as Fedor - a slut of a fairy tale Chukovsky.

subject of such associations may not only be addressed as such, but the combination of his surname and a patronymic.If a girl is the name of Kovalevskaya, do not call her Sophia: it can be the subject of ridicule from classmates and teachers, even if it is difficult to give math.Ambiguous associations can cause such a combination of modern Russians Vladimir Ilyich, Nikita, Boris Nikolaevich.

Church importance

Church meaning of the name - in touch with the saints, who wore it.The Christian must not only celebrate the name day of the feast day of the saint, but the day to pray to him, to know his life - when he was living, a feat made in the name of God.

Superstition penetrate even into the Church, and some of them relate to the choice of names.For example, there is a belief: if you give a person the name of the holy martyr, he will suffer a lifetime.If you stand on this position, it is better not to give any name, because all the holy life has been hard.

Similar superstition should not affect Christians.Communication with the patron saint should be the other - the holy man to become a moral beacon.This does not mean that a woman named Kira must retire from the world, as the Reverend Cyrus Beriyskaya, and the man, named in honor of St.Demetrios, is sure to become a soldier.I hope that none of today's Christians, named in honor of the martyrs will not have to suffer and die for their faith.But to put spiritual values ‚Äč‚Äčabove the mundane, to be courageous, to maintain devotion to the Christian faith at all times, as did the Saints, can and should be.This should focus on the value of the name of the church.