Highlight the channels through which to obtain information most useful to you.It can be sent to a specific time or news sites that you like visiting.If there are not - take the time to study the information environment in order to understand which sites, TV, radio or newspaper you prefer to learn.The social networks and Twitter, you can also subscribe to the newsletter of the groups or people from which is supplied useful information for you.

correctly learn the news

engaged in the study of selected news sources for a few minutes during the day.It is better to do it in the morning and in the evening or in the lunch break, so as not to take up work time and not interfere with their working process.Appeal to th
e news in the world or in your social group several times in small portions far better keeps up to date than reading all the news for a day at a time.

Use quick news channels, for example, do not wait for the evening news, and listen to the radio in the car.Or do not use the read-sites, social networks and Twitter only a computer - learn the news from the mobile phone while standing in traffic or traveling to work by public transport.Then you can constantly be aware of.

Organize the process of learning the news

not explore the sources that duplicate those news that you already know.It does not force you to learn something new for yourself, and just spend time.Always read only those sources that write about different events of interest to you areas.For example, watch the news on television and read the sports newspaper or news website and browse through the news feed on the social networks.So your coverage will be more news.

to bookmark interesting resources on the Internet and watch them during the day.Depending on the browser, you can save bookmarks without removing them from the Address bar or interesting pages to fill the home page of the browser.Then these sites you will not need to search through a search engine.But if you do not want to spend time, even in the opening pages of different sites, there is a faster way to find out about events in the world.

Subscribe to the newsletter site, then you do not need every time to look at it in search of news and events.This can be done both via email and via a special channel RSS.Some sites offer to leave them your email address to send her warning came up news.By subscribing to the channel RSS, you can using a special reader to read on one site all your news.From now on it will not be a need to open multiple pages of sites: All interesting news will be displayed on a single page.