basis of any city - building.Town buildings have a variety of functions.Most of them are designed for human habitation.In the modern city often coexist next to high-rise buildings and low buildings, erected back in the last century.The building is located in the space of the urban area in a certain order, forming streets, avenues, squares, neighborhoods and entire neighborhoods.
available in cities and public buildings.Shops, shopping malls, hotels, a variety of cultural institutions, schools, cafes and restaurants - all these urban infrastructure designed to perform the functions of ensuring the satisfaction of the many needs of residents and visitors alike.Some of them are trying to loca
te in the central part of the village, the other closer to the places of residence of the population.
In many cities there is production development.As a rule, modern cities, industrial enterprises are submitted to the suburbs, beyond the residential and cultural area.But in the settlements, which were created in the past, and factories are often in the center of the city.Complement industrial infrastructure ancillary office buildings and other centers of business activity.
modern city can not be imagined without transport.The transportation system provides transportation of passengers and cargo from anywhere in the village.It usually includes ground transportation - buses, trolley buses, trams, taxis.In large cities for carrying passengers used metro.One of the most important objects in the urban transport system, - airports, rail, sea, river and bus stations.
ensure full life of citizens and the functioning of the urban economy can only be developed system utilities.It includes the power supply and communication lines, sewage facilities, gas and water pipe thread, other linear objects.Support the work of these sub-systems of housing and communal services economy.
designing the city as system architects, engineers and designers do not forget that everything is subordinated to one goal - the convenience of human life.People - the main content of any metropolis.Therefore, a modern city harmoniously combines all the facilities and infrastructure elements that enable citizens to live in peace, to work actively and with interest to spend your free time.