When Beethoven was born

German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in December 1770 in Bonn.My grandfather was a Flemish future genius musician who directed the court chapel.His son Johann, who was to become the father of the great composer, also was involved in music, he was a singer in the chapel, and sometimes moonlighted by giving private violin lessons.

In 1767 Johann married Mary Magdalene Kever, and three years later the family had a son Ludwig.The boy was baptized December 17 Catholic tradition, according to which the child was taken to pass through this ceremony the next day after birth.That is why the birthday of the composer is considered to December 16, although ac
curate records of the researchers could not be found.

History has brought to date information about what parents Ludwig was very seriously ill, but check this information today is practically impossible.It is also known that children born in the family is not quite healthy firstborn in a family was born blind, and the second child died at birth, and the third was born deaf and dumb, and the fourth was sick serious form of tuberculosis. Of the seven children born in this family, four have died at an early age.

Becoming a master

father became the man who has attached the young Beethoven's music.It is believed that the training given to the boy seriously;he often had ever been in tears, sitting at the piano.It is possible that his father was too strict and exacting teacher.There were Beethoven and other teachers, under the close supervision of which Ludwig mastered the piano, viola and violin.Father very wanted his son to become a virtuoso in music.

the time of the birth of Beethoven Europe was very impressed by the talent of Mozart.Fascinated by the music of Ludwig's father intended his son to grow from the same master, as was Mozart.On the lower the father did not agree.For this reason, the boy had to sit at the harpsichord for hours on end. Natural hard work, perseverance and the control of the father gave excellent results.

Daily hours of classes allowed Beethoven to develop and deepen the natural gift.As a result, Ludwig became a master of the highest class, which was able to compose the majority existed at that time genres.Beethoven - the author of music for dramatic theater productions, he is also famous for opera and choral compositions.