This event has allowed Russia to declare itself as a high-tech country that cares for its resources and is able to rationally and use them properly.During the exhibition, the country is innovation as the currently existing and planned in the future.

In the vast hall of the country are located technical models, which have no analogues in the world - a new generation of nuclear-powered icebreaker and a floating nuclear power plant model, through which visitors can learn how the system works on the safety of modern nuclear power plants.In addition, it presents submersibles "Mir", as well as the latest models of tidal hydroelectric power station and the legendary "East".Especially for the Expo 2012
was constructed the virtual bridge of the ship mounted with a simulator, which modulates the passage of a vessel in different bays for different weather.

In addition, representatives of Russia made sure that as many visitors learned about the use of Russian developments in the world's most important discoveries about the country's role in preserving the diversity of ocean resources.To this end it was made a colorful and fascinating film about the development of the Arctic, as well as made up a huge library with a unique scientific material that was taken from museums and institutions all over Russia.This information is presented in Russian and Korean guests were free to view or download it using existing iPad.

But the main event of the participation of our country in this exhibition was the Day of Russia, which took place on 20 June.The guests were presented a rich cultural and entertainment program with the participation of Russian dance ensemble "Birch", ballet virtuoso and singer Tatyana Reshetnikov who sang folk songs.There was also a tour to the Russian sailing ship, which came into the bay of the city, and told fascinating stories about the study of Russian scientists and travelers of the South and North poles.