Think about what type of transport you use.Your share of harmful emissions into the atmosphere more dependent not on any principle at work you use transport (ie, whether he uses an electric motor or internal combustion engine), and from what part of its power coming at you.Search the Internet data capacity of a vehicle, and the number of simultaneously being in its interior people count on their own.Divide the first to the second, and you will know how much power is consumed when you move to this vehicle to work or home.
Spend this analysis in relation to the known modes of transport you use everyday: bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars, buses, trolleybuses, trams, subwa
y trains, trains.Bicycle power developed by man, take 100 watts.You will find that the best in this regard is a bicycle, a little worse - public transport, even a little bit worse - a moped, and the worst performance obtained in relation avtomobilya.Pomnite, however, that the two-stroke moped use is undesirable, since it allocates atmosphere combustion not only fuel, but also an oil.But on the other hand, the old Scooter has one advantage: in contrast to the modern scooters, they can sometimes turn off the engine and ride, pedaling like a bicycle.Most often use on this moped that regime.
Think about what steps you can take to protect the atmosphere you personally.Do not rush to take the car to the scrap - to simply have it, there is nothing to be ashamed of.Just do not use it every day.For example, to get to and from work on public transport or by bicycle (you will avoid traffic jams at the same time), and only use the machine for longer trips, such as to the country and from the country.
Some motorists drive their cars only in the summer, and in winter their conservation.Think not start if you do the same.This will not only will contribute to environmental protection, but also significantly extend the life of the vehicle, because during winter trips its deterioration is much more intense.
If you have air conditioning at home, remember that one day he consumes more energy than a computer, washing machine, microwave and all the lights (even if they are not saving) combined.Do not use it unnecessarily.Most use a fan instead.The same applies to a huge plasma TV: look on it only films that deserve it, but for day to day watching the news, use the device with a small screen.
When calculating the energy consumption of household appliances take into account not only their power, but also the duration of their work during the day.Despite the fact that the power consumption of a microwave high, when heating food thereof include only one minute.Power of the same plasma television is three to four times less, but watch it a few hours a day.