Religion and science - two kinds of representations of reality.This is their most important similarities.Religion implies the existence of a higher intelligence, which is a systematic and organized body of knowledge about being.Science is constantly looking for facts and objective knowledge of reality, the world and its laws, updating and systematizing this information.The goal here and there one - knowledge, only different approaches.
Christ, Mohammed, Gautama.Aristotle, Newton, Mendeleev.Whatever the approach, but the process of knowledge can not do without individuals.The founders of both of them have always been people w
ho seek for knowledge, know teaching others.The role of personality as great as at the beginnings and all the way to the development of science and religion.
Religion is based on faith.It is faith in God, in a supreme intelligence in heaven and hell, to enlightenment and nirvana, in the knowledge that given by religious teachers.Science is inherently too faith.The belief in the laws, the facts, the axioms, rational structure of the world.The man does not drink gasoline - is reasonable.In geometry, any two points a straight passes - a fact pattern.
Science is based on the knowledge accumulated over the years, changed in the process of cognition.So once thought that the sun revolves around the Earth, later proved the opposite.It has become a fact on the basis of which there are many theories.Religion is also based on knowledge.The Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads, and the Tripitaka other.All religions are based on the original text and the knowledge that had been given by any teachers.Relying on knowledge - the essential similarity of religion and science.
original purpose of science - to change the world for the better, to facilitate the existence of people on the planet.Caring about the person - what does the science.Religion pursues similar goals.Peace and good, spiritual growth and human happiness - something to aspire to religion.
In both cases, the wrong interpretation of the texts, misunderstanding or malice lead to irreversible consequences.Nuclear weapons and the Crusades, environmental disasters and persecution of witches - the results of knowledge and faith for selfish and evil ends.
Both religion and science have a stable system of organized, hierarchical structure, such as the church and the Academy of Sciences.They also have their own norms and traditions, and always strive to objectively explain their points of view.
addition to the recently observed trend of combining some aspects of science and religion.As many Buddhist teachers did not deny most of the scientific facts and claim that their religion is largely based on science.A science such as philosophy and gaining momentum parapsychology have a continuous relationship with the religious precepts and largely shared by them.