Frozen computer

great joke for those people who have friends often use the computer.While your friend can not see, take a screenshot of your desktop using a combination of CTRL + PrtScn, save it somewhere resulting image (just paste it in Paint and save it on your hard disk) and put it as a background.Then remove all shortcuts from the desktop.For best effect, you can still remove the taskbar.Your friend will be at a loss when trying to run a particular label.Once you and your friend will laugh together, just go to the basket and click on "Restore all objects."


For this raffle will need three people (one of them - the "victim").Stroll along the railway.Two are on the sides and in the middle of the victim.Suddenly, as the agreement, the two sharp turns and make a step to the side.The victim sees it and understands
that behind the rushing train.Man is lost and does not know where to go.


Taking a walk in the company, suddenly exclaim: "Guys, look in the sky a dead bird!" And point a finger at the sky.Oddly, all friends will definitely lift your head up.


Your friend stayed in your house for the night.We all know that plastic tubes that store toothpaste, very easy to empty and fill.Empty the one tube and fill it with the usual mayonnaise with a syringe without a needle.Mayonnaise is difficult to distinguish from ordinary pasta, so that your friend is going to the bath in the evening, it will be very surprised.

Strange cigarettes

This rally is suitable for companies which have at least one person smokes.Buy usual pack of cigarettes, tear the label and give them to his friend smoker with the words: "I then gave a familiar new cigarettes, try."After that, you should do all that may seem strange: stained paint, sing songs and other things.Other friends, prior agreement with you, I will not pay any attention to it, while smoking one will be confused.

reliable comrade

early morning ring up their comrades and worried voice, ask everyone to come to you with a big bucket (with or without).It will be fun to watch picture: in the yard early in the morning will be a crowd of kids with buckets.Some may arrive by car.Bottom line: your entrance is a bunch of cars and people with buckets.