biography of Anne of Austria

future queen of France, was the daughter of the Spanish King Philip III and was born on September 22, 1601.Secure the epithet "Austrian", although Anna was born in Spain, she had inherited through his mother, the wife of the King of Spain - Margaret of Austria - belonging to the genus Habsburg, who ruled Austria from 1282.

total in 14 years - in 1615 - Anna was married already ascended to the French throne of Louis XIII, by whom she had two sons - heir to the crown of Louis XIV and Philippe I of Orleans.

conclusion of the marriage, as was usual in thos
e days, it was not a matter of mutual affection and love, and political calculation.France and Spain were on the brink of war, and the conflict between the powers could break out any day.But prudence prevailed - the rulers of countries made a pact about the upcoming wedding of two members of the royal family, leaving between them at peace, based on kinship.
important point of agreement between Spain and France was the fact that the marriage between Louis and Anna could be performed only in the case of the Spanish Prince Felipe married to the sister of Louis - Isabella.

As evidenced by the numerous chronicles of the time, the first few years after the wedding of Louis XIII was fascinated by his young wife, which in those days was called the most beautiful queen of the whole of Europe.But over time, the royal couple relationship disorders, and Anna herself even participated in several conspiracies against the king of France.
particularly irritated Anna Cardinal Richelieu against which it also initiated several plots and assassination attempts.

named Anna tried to increase the influence of his native Spain to France and learned about the many infidelities of Louis XIII, very, very often I wound up love affairs.Historians confirm sung by Alexander Dumas' The Three Musketeers "forbidden relationship between the queen and the actually existing Englishman and a favorite of the monarch Buckingham, but the favorites Anna had done.

After the death of Louis XIII Anne became regent for the minor successor, but after the accession to the throne of "Sun King" went to the monastery, where he finished his career in 1666.

Films, which was used by the image of Anne of Austria

very first motion picture with the character of Anne of Austria, played by Mary McLaren, was shot in 1921 in the United States.

Then the "Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas has portrayed several times, but in all the tapes directors and writers do not disregard the French queen.Anne of Austria played Jeanne DECLAM® (1921), Gloria Stuart (1939), Angela Lansbury (1948), Francois Christophe (1961), Geraldine Chaplin (1973), Alisa Freundlich in the famous Soviet films, Catherine Deneuve (2001), Sarah-Jane Potts(2001), Amalia Mordvinova (2005), Juno Temple (2011) and Maria Mironova in 2013.

Adventures of Three Musketeers famous very well known and popular.Romain Dumas adapted for the screen many times, and there is no doubt that there will be more.This means that more and more of the actress will play Anne of Austria.But for Soviet and Russian television viewers, of course, the best performer will Alisa Freundlich.