Decide for yourself what you need the radio - for home use in the car or listening to wear with them.Accordingly, these categories receivers will vary in size and type.So for home use it is recommended to buy a large radio with stereo sound, and to carry a small - one that does not take up much space in your pocket or purse.In turn, the car radio to be found in auto shop.
Visit radios or shop equipment.Look at the available models and their prices.Choose from the presentation of the ones that suit you the cost and start a choice among them.
Note the radio settings (digital, hand).There
are only a digital radios, only manually and with a combined tuning method of radio waves.
Decide for yourself whether you need a display, while if this is required, decide what size it will be, and will be in color or black and white.At the same time you know that the radio with a color display will be more expensive than black and white, and black and white is more expensive than non-display.Pay attention to the amount of radio waves that can receive radio.
Ask your advisor about the functionality of the radio.At the same time remember that modern radio can be built-in voice recorder, built-in speaker, calculator, games, etc.Pay attention to the headphones, try them.Headphones should fit snugly in your ear to miss the sound.
Decide manufacturer, familiarized with their activities, popular among buyers, and quality assurance.
Select the appropriate color of the case.Ask the sales assistant tell us more about the model you like the radio show and his work.When all the above steps you have done, you can safely give preference to the radio and you liked to buy it.