Who is eligible to receive the card Pole

Polish Card can get people to declare their affiliation to the Polish people and meet certain requirements.An applicant for a document should be considered Polish their native language and know it at least at a minimum level.The value is given as to how a person knows and respects the Polish customs.

main requirements that apply to Poland "candidates for the Poles" - the presence of relatives of Poles in the direct ascending line.It counted as the origin and the presence of relatives of Polish citizenship.Are taken into account only to mothers, fathers, grandparents, great-grandparents (both).

Polish authorities could also consider an applicatio
n from a person active in Polish organizations in the past three years.For this work ranked as the organization of activities aimed at preservation and development of culture and language and work for the good of the national idea.

Map Pole issued to Poles living in Eastern Europe and do not have citizenship or residence permit in the Republic of Poland.A person with special merit may receive a document directly from the hands of the consul, without confirming any information.

list of documents

The Embassy must submit documents relating to the origin or nationality of the applicant's relatives.It may be confirming the identity of Polish documents, civil status, birth certificates and baptism.Take into account the documents confirming the fact of service in military units, in fact stay in prison, the documents on rehabilitation, foreign documents indicating nationality issued certificates of public organizations, official decisions issued on the basis of the law on repatriation.

rights owner

Pole card holder is exempt from the visa fee.He also has the right to legally work and learn.If the holder of the document wants to do business, he can do it on the same terms as Polish citizens.

In case the cardholder Pole need of urgent medical care in Poland, it will be given him.Also, the owners of this document are provided incentives to use public transport in the amount of 37%, free admission to state museums and financial assistance for supporting Poles abroad.