Who are daunshiftery?

concept Downshifting in the usual meaning was first used in the American press of the early 90-ies.This sociocultural phenomenon, which is a rejection of the idea of ​​"imposed" values: career, social status and financial solvency in exchange for travel, healthy lifestyle, reducing the harm to the environment.The environmental component is often present in downshifting.His supporters are trying to eat food grown on their own, more closely related to the issue of waste disposal.Sometimes daunshiftery form the whole ecovillage, in which the use of synthetic materials is minimized, and even homes are built from environmentally friendly materials. ideology Downshifting is closely linked with the ideas of the hippie movement.Similarities
can be found in the external trappings, and declared values ​​and passion for vegetarianism.

Downshifting in different countries

daunshift in different countries may be manifested in different ways, but the main trends are common to all: the restriction of needs, focusing on personal development, self-improvement, the rejection of "social" values.For example, for residents of the USA and England Downshifting is associated primarily with the ecology and the Australians-daunshiftery main aspect considered traveling the world.Downshifting in Russian, mainly affects the Moscow and St. Petersburg - the city where is concentrated the largest number of "white collar".In most cases, it looks like this: a successful middle manager suddenly to others dismissed from the perspective of the work, takes his apartment rent and went to one of the countries of Southeast Asia, where it is possible to live comfortably on the income from the rental of property, and you do not evenyou need to somehow limit their demands. There are many opponents Downshifting, claiming that the so-called "imposed" goals really are natural for any person engaged in downshifting and those who are not able to achieve these goals.

Downshifting addition to obvious advantages, such as the possibility of self-realization in the work, no stress and general health promotion, there are significant disadvantages of this way of life.These include the lack of career, loss of revenue, stop professional development, the abandonment of normal medical care.As a rule, sources of income can not be considered permanent daunshifterov and relaxed way of life and lack of savings make any problem connected with money, rather unpleasant.