Jesuit Order was founded in 1534, Ignatius Loyola.Today it includes are 17676 people.The motto of the Order - "To the glory of God."The head of the Order - Adolfo Nicolás.

Features motion

Construction Order includes certain principles, the most important of which are: rigid discipline and complete obedience junior senior, strict centralization and unquestioning and absolute authority of the head of the Order.Last elected for life, and carries the name of the general ("black pope").The only person who is subject to the "black pope" - is the Pope.

Jesuit morality opportunistic, if necessary, the law of God is interpreted based on the circumstances.

To achieve the greatest success of their activities allowed many Jesuit Order to maintain their membership in the Order in secret and lead a normal se
cular lifestyle.These Jesuits received from the papacy many privileges (exemption from Dumb religious rites and prescriptions, etc.).Because of this, the organization in a short time has become a strong and flexible and has extended its activities to numerous countries.Also, such a situation instilled the word "Jesuit" figurative meaning.For example, a person called the Jesuit, did not betray his true intentions and plans, acting quietly and subtly penetrating into the human soul.

rise and collapse

Jesuit Order has reached the heights of power at the end of the XVI century, when the number of followers has grown to more than 10,000 people, at that time a great figure - estimated population is very big city.The Jesuits penetrated into the most remote parts of the world, carrying his teachings.For example, the Jesuit Matteo Ricci received the right to preach in China by the emperor himself.South America and Africa saw the soldiers "Sweetest Jesus" on its territory.

In 1614, more than a million Japanese were Christians (before Christianity in this country have been harassed).But in 1773 came the crash, the cause of which was the nature of the movement of the Jesuits.The church was interested in their business as much as they helped in the conquest of political and financial influence.It is believed that the Order preached nestyazhatelstvo, but it is not.

In 1750 it consisted of 22,787 members, the Order had 381 residence, 669 colleges, 176 seminaries and 223 missions.The leaders of the Order entered into open debate with monarchs, planted his vision of power.The result was terrible for the Order - he was dismissed, the leader Lorenzo Ricci was imprisoned in the prison, and all the property secularized the state, on which the branch of the Order.In 1814, the Order has been restored again, but did not receive the influence of the former.Its members are engaged in more science and research stories.Today the Order is going through hard times, and the impact of the past it is not even going.