with getting the right to drive a vehicle (other than a bicycle) is connected a lot of questions.One concerns the age at which you can start training.The law on this subject is quite categorical and quite clearly indicates the stages of learning to drive. important role played by the category of rights that wants to get people.What makes it more complicated, the more you need to know.Thus, for example, will be able to manage a moped even 16-year-old, and only a professional truck.

When you are ready to learn

As for the theoretical part of the training, that is,rules addressing the traffic police, etc., are no restrictions h
ere.You can start at any time when the student himself wants it.

with the study of the rules will have no problems.Books, listing the main provisions of the traffic police and tickets are sold in all newspaper kiosks and bookstores.Furthermore, there are tickets online, which are located on the Internet.And also today created a huge number of applications for smartphones and tablets.

When it comes to learning to drive directly, there will be more restrictions.For example, to obtain the right to operate a moped can be 16 years.While the category of rights on a moped only stipulated in the government, so in practice quite difficult to get them. traffic police say that the early learning of traffic rules is useful even for small children.This will help them quickly begin to navigate in space and does not violate the rules, such as crossing the road.

If you are going to drive a motorcycle, the rights can be obtained from 18 years.But to obtain them have to pass theoretical and practical examinations for category A. It should be noted that an external training was canceled, so I have to be like a driving school.Alternatively, you can learn in 16 years, but getting the right care will be possible only after the age of majority.

The exam to receive the rights in the category of persons is not allowed under the age of 17 years, but it will be entitled to receive only 18 Education into categories is only possible in a driving school.

training and examinations on the category of greater complexity, ie,the ones that allow you to manage trucks and buses, can occur at any age from 17 years.However, to get right will be not before the student turns 21 years old.But to get the right of E, it is necessary to have experience driving vehicle categories B, C, D, at least one year.

Based on this distinction, experts recommend starting training for 2-3 months before the student must be 18 years of age (or 16 for those who want to drive a moped).So you can just manage to adulthood and immediately begin to officially drive a car.Moreover, many driving schools may take extra tuition is too young students, which makes early training uneconomical.

When the study in summer or winter

deciding when to start training, many people rely not only on age, but also for the season.The most popular season is, of course, summer.It is believed that during the warm period to learn easier, becauseIt does not prevent excess wear, bright sun uplifting, etc.However, experts claim that there are also disadvantages as the period from the summer of driver education.Firstly, it is hot, but not all training machines equipped with air conditioning.In addition, the sun is too bright is able to dazzle the most unexpected moments.Thirdly, on a dry track it is quite difficult to learn such important skills as a counter drifts.

Instructors also claim that the best seasons are spring and autumn, when you can work completely different skills of driving.