you can get the vehicle to the penalty parking person or issue a power of attorney with a notary at someone from relatives or friends.
in accordance with applicable law, the car can be arrested and put on shtrafstoyanku to eliminate the causes that led to the detention.About the arrest reportedly cars the duty of the district internal affairs authority.And in the operations duty officer of the internal affairs shall establish the identity of the vehicle owner and inform him about the detention of the machine.Although in practice to find out the location of a vehicle on their own accounts.
To perform elementary actions to return the vehicle
you need your documents: the right and registration certificate.If the arrest took place without your presence and documents were evacuated in the car, you will need to arrange shtrafstoyanke acts opening the car with the purpose of removing the documents.After that will be drawn up acts of sealing.
now contact the traffic police department, where you will be given a copy of the protocol on administrative offense and make payment of the fine on the spot.You can ask for a receipt for payment of the fine.Many people try to immediately pay off fines, hoping to get your car as quickly as possible, but forget or just do not know about their right to appeal against an arrest report the vehicle for 10 to 30 days from the date of signing of the protocol on administrative offense.
inspector will give you a license to produce a vehicle with a parking fine .
this permission to go to the TC said shtrafstoyanku and you can get your car, paying for the time of his detention, if the car is parked more than a day.
Explore your car for missing items or damage, and only then sign the documents.