If you want to be prepared for such situations, get in the vast expanses of the Russian Internet electronic database of numbers of traffic police.Use it to break through the number of the car and reveal the location of the attacker.Then contact the police, if the case is not solved amicably on a voluntary basis.
Using base numbers can anyone owning computers at least at the primary level.Download the database from the internet, Open the it on your computer and enter the required number of machines.On the screen appear all the available information in the database entered.What happens next depends on the purpose for w
hich you are looking for a particular number.If just for fun, you can use the information found in its sole discretion.If in order to find the attacker, then immediately contact the police who will hold all the necessary investigative and operational activities to trace the offender.On our roads should be very careful and concentrated, since not all drivers follow traffic rules.The slightest distraction and loss of concentration can lead to irreversible consequences, including serious damage to the car body member of accidents.
If you do not know how to find the database of numbers, write down the desired number of the vehicle and contact an inspection of traffic that can help you find information about who he is registered.What happens next depends on the amount of damages brought to you by the owner of the car.If it was a simple encounter on the road, you can try to resolve the issue amicably.If the person you are robbed or beaten, immediately contact the police, where investigators will take all necessary actions to find and apprehend the perpetrator.Whatever happens, be cool and make informed decisions, and then you'll avoid a lot of problems.