prepared for painting vehicle components should be pre-primed, sanded and degreased;garage - thoroughly cleaned of debris and dust.
first dilute the pigment with the supplied solvent.For a perfect painting, use a three-layer coating.Therefore, for the first layer to add the pigment is not more than 50% solvent.This layer will protect against unpleasant defects that can be formed by swelling at the transition of the soil and old paint, as well as spots that appear as a result of falling mikrosorinok.Apply a coat evenly and allow to dry well.Typically, drying takes about 15 minutes, but if garage cold, prolong the time to half an hour.
Then prepare the paint for the second l
ayer.Now pigment dilute solvent ratio of one to one.For accurate measurement, use the dimensional paint banks, which can be bought in the same place and he pigment.Quickly apply a coat, let dry.And the same composition stroll third and final layer.
After drying proceed to cover part varnish.To this end, part of the varnish add about 5% of the solvent, thoroughly stir and pour this mixture of detail.Do not be alarmed if the lacquer will form small grains - as it should be.Now wait 10-30 minutes depending on the speed of drying the varnish.The time depends on the temperature of the air in the garage .In an inconspicuous spot check to the touch - if the paint is smeared, then cover the second layer is still too early.During this time, prepare the mixture for the second layer.Now Lacquer dilute the large amounts of solvents - about 15%.And feel free to fill the part.Make sure that no streaks formed, which would be impossible to deduce.Leave the item to dry completely.
When carrying out painting work, remember that air temperature, the details and the paint must be the same.This is the main condition for a successful outcome.Therefore, do not warm the paint alone or part of a vehicle.To carry out the work, always use a protective mask and a special paint suit.Also, use a sticky napkin - then there will be less trash in the lower layers of the painted parts.