Use short telephone commands to determine the current tariff Beeline.Dial * 111 # and press the call button.As a result, you get into the help menu, listen to all the information given out as long until you hear the phrase "my data plan."
Press the button and the robot will announce to you the required information.In some cases, it so happens that this feature is not available or is missing required information.In this case, try to dial * 110 * 05 # and press call.As a result, a message appears with the parameters of the current tariff.You can also dial the number 067 405, and then after a certain time comes SMS
with the right information.
Learn current tariff plan to Megafon through a series of reference numbers.In this case, search for information depends to some branches and regions include your phone number.For example, for the Siberian branch - it is * 105 * 1 * 3 #, for the Central Branch - * 105 * 2 # 0 * for Caucasian branch - * 105 * 1 * 1 #.
If you belong to the Ural branch, you can dial * 225 #, to listen to background information and choose "your plan".Refer also to the menu 0555, which is sometimes added information on the current rate.You can also dial * 105 # or * 100 #, which shows a balance sheet and random information that may be required information.
Determine the current tariff for MTS by introducing a short number * 111 * 2 * 5 * 2 # or * 111 * 59 #.As a result, will receive an SMS message with information about the current tariff.
Call the call-center of your mobile operator or go to the manager at the point of customer service if the proposed options do not help you to identify the necessary information about the current tariff of your phone.In the case of contractual connections need to bring your passport to management operator can verify your identity.