Tip 1: How to write with his left hand

Do I need to be able to write the right-hander left hand ?In some situations it may be necessary.For example, if the right hand is permanently out of order, and you still need to write.In addition, people can simply tired of writing all the time the same hand .
Please correct posture.The handle should be free to lie on the right side of the middle finger of the left hands.The index finger holds the handle on top, and large - on the left.
For starters try left hand to draw.It is better to take a piece of the cell.Draw some small squares and rectangles.Try to draw any picture.This is to ensure that the hand and the brain a little accustomed to the unusual situation for them.
Decide with what slope you write.If you want to at least partially retain his handwriting sheet should lie with the slope to the right, as in the letter to the right hand .For right-handers is familiar.Sheet and can be tilted to the left.Writing at the same time learn the same way you usua
lly do it the right hand , but with an inclination in the opposite direction.
Schedule elements of letters.Do this in the same way as in the novice student workbook - write a few elements of the right hand the left end of the line, and then take a pen in his left hand, try to repeat them.It is not necessary to write all the elements that first-graders write.You just need to get used to the new situation.As soon as you start writing letters of the elements more or less freely - start writing letters, words and phrases.
the next lesson, try to rewrite left hand some excerpt from a literary work, or something of their own.Do this regularly.

Tip 2: How to learn to write with both hands simultaneously

write with both hands simultaneously, unequal things - the ability to not only allow to surprise your friends, but it is also a skill that develops brain hemisphere.Be patient - just do not get.

Start with what you need both hands to learn to draw geometric shapes: circles, squares, triangles.As long as they do not get the same from both the right hand and on the left, do not go on to the next exercise.

Then learn to do the same with the letters.Here, it may take more than figures as letters outwardly harder.After start writing letters of the word.

If your hands are already trained the previous lesson, go to your own brain storming.Draw while various figures and letters.

If you happened to them all turns out, move on to words, phrases, sentences.The hardest thing in this business - think of two things at once and not to own at the moment with his hands.But your brain starts to work like clockwork.

Note that the position of the left hand while writing differs from that of the right.

sure that the arm was free, as well as to ensure that the handle is in line with his hand.

left hand is very easy to go to the mirror writing.It is necessary to strictly control every element of writing.
Helpful Hint
handle should be the same as any first-grader.Take the simplest standard pen.

begins to write with the simplest elements.You learn to write again, so the technique is not much different from the one on which the children are taught to write.But since you already know how to write - training goes much faster.

Please write at a table in a comfortable writing position.It is necessary at first, even if you are used to write sitting on the stairs or in the train.

Do not worry if the letter you will find the pace too slow.It nomalno.Even those people for whom the left hand is the lead, initially slower write right-handed.
  • like to learn to write with his left hand the right-hander