very first, what must always keep in mind, anyone who wants to learn vocal - is proper breathing.In everyday life, for example, during a conversation, most people employ slightly lower portions of the lungs.Vocalists such a method is not suitable breathing.To understand how to breathe when singing, make sure your breath at the moment of falling asleep or awakening.As a rule, in a dream a person begins to breathe more deeply, Cycling large surface area of ​​the lungs.You may notice that this time you breathe as if his stomach: he rises and falls
on a breath as you exhale.Use by singing the same manner!Try to breathe in the abdomen, as if it inflate during inhalation.Thus, the muscles of your aperture to make room for a more complete disclosure of the lungs.At the same time, make sure that your shoulders are not raised involuntarily.Breathing when singing is necessary and the only way.
Another important point for students vocal - the use of resonance.Resonance - an effect of increasing the oscillation amplitude (in this case, acoustic) in the cavities at certain frequencies.Sound waves to resonate in the human body may be by any stretch of the way, the only difference is in the intensity of its resonance and the resonance frequency.The main vocalist resonators are chest and head.Chest resonate at lower frequencies, the head - high.To enable these resonant cavity, it is necessary to lower the larynx and raise the upper nёbo.Prosche all understand what a lowering of the larynx, it is possible, making sure how it behaves in the yawn.Simulate process yawning (most likely, it will make you yawn in fact).Focus on the movement of the larynx.Approximately so it must be located at singing.But do not overdo it, the larynx should not fall too nizko.Oschuscheniya arising from the lifting of the upper palate, comparable with that if you open your mouth wide, but not outside, but inside.
For good sound, you need to experiment with the position of the palate and throat to get a good response in all his vocal range.When you sing high, they are to some extent will resonate in my head, but significantly weaken the chest resonance.Try to avoid this.Lower the larynx to strengthen the chest resonance.A similar effect occurs on the low notes, but here, on the contrary, weakened parent rezonans.Nekotorye vocalists solve the problem of the distribution of resonance by simply imagining that the sound is stronger in the head or chest.Not everyone manages it, particularly in the initial stages, but it's worth it.
Do not forget about the articulation.Do not open your mouth wide, work on diction, say all the sounds legibly and clearly, but do not allow at the same time to different vowels by singing had a different timbre.