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learn the basics of classical massage is possible in special courses, they are often organized on the basis of medical educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities).After graduating from these courses, you will receive a certificate that gives you the right to engage in professional activities.
choosing between one or other training course, pay attention to the presence of the license to conduct such activities and the total number of teaching hours devoted to mastering the techniques of massage.The more you will be employed, the greater the likelihood that you are well mastered the course.Take into account the percentage of practical lessons with respect t
o the theoretical - well, if the figure is not less than 50%.
not rush to pay immediately the full amount for the course, pay for 3-4 classes to make up their minds about the master who will teach you about the methods of its work.Pay attention to how the training room is equipped with: if there is only one massage table, a group of students is more than ten people, this approach is unlikely to be called serious.
You can negotiate with a professional massage therapist on him to teach you the art of massage individually.In this case, however, it is unlikely you will be given a certificate or any other document proving that you have been trained, but the skills are often valued higher than any paper.Whichever method of training you choose, try to advance to inquire about the future teachers.
Examine the information provided on the Internet, on various schools of massage.Just enter your desired search term, and after a few seconds you will receive course descriptions and contact data for communication with the head of school.
When selecting massage courses guided by the desired result.So, if you need a strong knowledge and best trained at a hospital or academic medical facility.In this case, you are almost guaranteed to be good teachers and good practice.But to obtain a certificate of the award of the qualification will be difficult, because from you will require serious skills and knowledge.
If you own massage courses, and you need only to obtain the coveted "crust", which gives the right for the provision of related services, you can choose the fastest and cheapest training.But remember that the name of the employment specialist who has taught you, can have a decisive role.In graduate school of massage known chance of finding a job is much higher than the listener monthly rates.